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Happy Anniversary!

Field Notes In/On Transition
52 weeks on HRT
As of March 21st, I will have been on HRT, transitioning for 1 year. Though I feel like I’ve actually been very very slowly transitioning, my entire life. I am just a very slow learner, a late bloomer, etc. Only recently, within this year of transition do I feel like I’m coming into myself. As my body changes, I’m noticing, that I am much more in tune with my body (and how well or poorly I’m treating it most days) and this is really new for me, feeling grounded. Like I am where and when I’m supposed to be most days (good or bad)... 
I’m of the long education on Transition, It takes your whole life whether you shift your outer expression or not. Transition for me is more about coming out as myself who is not the man you might have thought she was, more so, than it is about claiming my innate womanhood. It took me 45 years to shake off manhood, it may take me a bit of time to find my way in the Aether of women. I can be patient, I’m a slow l…

My Life as a PKD novel

Field Notes In/On Transition
My life as a PKD novel

This was meant to be my 50th post, but I’ve had a hard time getting my head about what I wanted to talk about. I am torn about the idea of writing here about the broader Trans issues out there, partially because I don’t participate heavily in “the community.” I have though made some awesome new friends who I see as often as most of my pre-transition friends (all of whom are still my friends despite my lifelong fears that everyone would abandon me, if I really “did it”. ) But I’m still not super comfortable going to Trans Events, let alone going out to a bar or anything like that. 
In fact, there is an event wrapping up right now that I was planning to go to this afternoon, but I was still feeling wonky from a stressful few days of stuff so personal that I’m (yes, me who shares everything) not going to get into it, other than to say that as has often happened thus far in my transition, when I’m feeling at a low ebb with the immensity o…

A video only 50th post extravaganza

Field Notes In/On Transition

I have a longer post in the works, but for my 50th post I made a little stop action vid of some of the photos and videos of my almost a year in transition. they are not completely chronological, but I think it has a good flow.