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Fifth Transiversary Blog! it's a video (well, a slideshow mostly)

Field Notes In/On Transition
Fifth Transiversary Blog post. video blog
So here's a video blog post, text from the video is below if you don't enjoy my dulcet tones for some bizarre reason, or you are hearing impaired, or any other resason you might prefer to read the text rather than listen.
It's not exactly the video I wanted to make, but it's the one i made.

So five years in, my transition is at a bit of a crossroads. 2016 may have been a crappy year in many ways, but for me it was one of my best years recently, at least till that last week or so, where i ended up in the hospital.... The results of that illness at the end of 2016, have made 2017 a bit of a struggle so far, what i am showing you here in this video is a slideshow of some photos of me being me in 2016/early 2017, including: getting a great job at DOXA the documentary film festival, one last sold out show at the York theatre with my choir, The Femme City Choir. We are on ‘hiatus,’now, sadly.
I also did s…