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Thinking out loud on paper

Field Notes In/On Transition
Thinking out loud on paper about writing, creating the projects I want to create.

My brain is bubbling over with creative ideas: the Strawgirl Chronicles (format(s) TBA), finishing any number of half finished novels, but especially the one that i did last fall, That Super hero web/TV series, that might really be a trilogy of Comi-tragic Super hero novels, writing some wholly new things, like actual short stories. I can write novel length, but a short story? Yikes. a Hill to Climb. A friend on facebook mentioned doing animation maybe, and that has me really thinking differently about my painting. Maybe learn some animation apps, is something to work on.
 I know I have some graphic novels lurking around in my fever-y brain, as well as my half written book of Arthurian stories and poems ( a few of the poems are scattered in my already published poetry books) from the perspective of a much misunderstood Guinevere. This book I think also should be illustrated, l…