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Trans Canada Trans 101

Field Notes In/On Transition
Trans Canada Trans 101

So here's my dorky latest attempt at a video blog, I kind of like the  you can tell I am reading the text vibe, but I plan to get more professional in my presentation as I do more of these which if you follow along, you will see I am again promising to do more of. the TLDR version, is I am going to keep looking for low key work in the fall, and postpone my train trip until I get more financial secure (I am on the way)  and better at the video blogs throug actually doing some more of them... below is the transcript or script that I kind of painfully read in the video above...
I have been saying for about a year now, that I want to take a train trip across Canada on VIA rail and video blog it, little daily bits maybe, longer pieces in the places I stay for a few days, or weeks, about said place, hopefully talking to other Trans folks, family, and friends, as I have so many friends and family all across Canada. I was/am calling it Tra…