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New Video Blog! The Indolent Spinster Weekly!

So I have started what is hopefully going to be a new weekly blog of the video variety, I will always post the transcript here, and eventually also caption them all too, but I've not done that before and need to figure it out. I don't want to  just have subtitles, but captions. i like having the whole transcript available, for those who don't want to or can't watch the videos.

here is the transcript and video!

Welcome to the very first edition of Indolent Spinster Weekly Report

Which as per usual i have spent three weeks procrastinating and trying to figure out what kind of narration to put over top of my fun backyard selfie video that you see as you hear these words. I have been trying to narrow down things to say in my new idea for weekly video blogs...

I almost want to just have wordless images of me with fun effects and transitions between b-roll and stock footage, that i cobbled together one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, thinking i would just record a minute o…

Troublemakers 2.0

I took part in this great program this summer called Troublemakers 2.0 and had a short film about me premiere at Out On Screen, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival..

Here is the link to all the films.

Here is just the film about me aptly called The Strawgirl

My Etsy Store is Live

hey folks I don't engage with often enough, at least in Blog form, my Etsy Store The Indolent Spinster

is Live now.

Big video blog update soon, I have been pretty busy, and things are a changing. Hopefully a video blog with transcript here on this blog by the ned of the week, early next week at the latest. watch this space.