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Fear & Selfie Loathing in East Van

Field Notes In/On Transition
Yesterday was a slow ass day. Time, this week has been moving like molasses uphill in February, In Winnipeg. I had this one great little moment when this dad and little girl combo came in to the store.  Nice folks, I chat a lot with the dad, and I don’t recall him ever misgendering me, or even gendering me at all. But he says to his daughter: 
 “Can you take the movie up to the man at the desk?” 
The girl looked at him all serious like... “That’s a Lady! Not a man.” He says, “well then, give them to her.”
So she brought them up. Nice moment for me, maybe this guy will if he does gender me, do it correctly. Thank you cute as a button 5 year old girl.
The rest of the day though dragged on, no matter how busy it seemed, only a minute or two would go by it seemed. Eventually my shift was over and I wandered home feeling tired for no real reason, and stopped at the market to buy bread, coffee and toilet paper, of course forgetting, actually the TP. D’oh. But as…

Post Pride Wrap up

Field Notes In/On Transition
Post Pride Wrap up
It’s taken me forever to sit down and write this blog post that I meant to do directly after Pride. In my last post I think I mentioned that I was given some free tickets to a Queer Arts Fest show. The day of, of course I spent the day battling some sort of gastro/digestion issue, and was too wiped out to go. my friend who I was giving the second ticket to was ill that day as well, either we both ate something off, caught the same bug, or are on each other’s cycles right now. All or none of these things are possible. I felt bad about not using the tickets, but not running to the bathroom in the middle of a show is something I want to avoid most of the time. Le sigh.
I should also go back and talk about “Pride Weekend” as I did participate in some events this year. Marching in “The Trans March” that has moved over to my neighbourhood seemed very important to me, this year. So, I scooted up after work (missing a week of electrolysis for t…