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So, I got a job. Let me tell you the story.

Field Notes In/On Transition.
So, I got a job. Let me tell you the story.
I had been really stressing out coming up to the time of getting my end of January welfare cheque, as I had to show the workers my employment search record, which I wasn’t sure was adequate, turned out to be just fine, but I have to call on Feb 4th or something, maybe go in to the office with a finished work search, ie; I did 125 job search things over 5 weeks. I was on track for doing that, and had sent out a few resumes.
Then the next day, Thursday afternoon, I was doing some depressing looking at job ads online when I got a facebook message from a choir friend, Jess. The cafe she was studying in was looking to hire a new person, and they were specifically looking for underemployed diversity, aka maybe the old trans lady who can’t get an interview anymore. I happened to be going right past the cafe, a few hours later, on my way to a board meeting for the community health clinic (REACH) that I am on the board of …

Can I do All the Things? Too many ideas part 457

Field Notes In/On Transition
Too Many Ideas
I post a lot of ‘my plans’ on my blog here, or on facebook. My dreams to craft, write, paint and do low key ‘jobs’ on my way to financial stability. Sure I’d love to make a lot of money. But I would rather work less, earn less than be stressed all the time or work 60 hour weeks at something that is just a job. Occasionally I do a bit of ‘background performer’ work: an extra on a TV show or a movie, though it being Vancouver, I have only so far done TV. The other day was the first time, though that I got to keep my makeup on, and I think I have a shot of actually being seen in the final product. Cross your fingers. I seem to get cut from things.
Anyway, one of the problems with me making plans is that I don’t do well with plans, I am not organized. I am scared to death of every job I apply for stating in bold letters: “must be highly organized, detail oriented,” etc and so on. This is not me. I could lie about it, and have, but usually that bi…