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Last indolent Spinster Almost Daily Report from DOXA 2018

My last laconic lazy one take video chatting about the last couple days of the festival DOXA 2018

Almost Daily Indolent spinster Report #7 from DOXA 2018

Friday the 11th. saw Portraits XL Leon (with 3 short original series portraits from 20 years earlier.) by Alain Cavalier at DOXA, cinematheque. I sat too close, but don't care. it's my thing i do at DOXA, sit in the front row. Once again a charming thoughtful program. If you are missing DOXA this year, you are missing out.

Before the movie, i went downtown and had a few hours of nostalgia, eating at Taf's one of the joints that i first went to and met folks for drinks and food downtown when i first moved to the city in 1991. i went to a bookstore and bought my friend's new novel (Maureen Medved's Black Star.)

almost daily report from DOXA 2018... indolent Spinster variety.

Here is my report i meant to do yesterday (well i filmed it yesterday after seeing the movie, but went to work right after, then kitty cat took up my attentions after work.. so here it is now, I saw one movie yesterday at DOXA: Mr. Gay Syria....

Indolent spinster almost daily report from DOXA #5

latest almost daily report after taking a day off monday due to a cold, which i still have but am not as knocked out by. Saw Wajd: Songs of separation which was really interesting. which in my report i say is playing again on sunday, but actually it's saturday at 5pm, and it's almost if not sold out already line up early!

Two video reports from DOXA2018

Been rushing around trying to fight off a cold. but i have seen a bunch of movies and a couple of panels. so here i talk about them in two videos, one of which has three parts and is much longer than my usual 2-3 minutes (at like 5 minutes)

Today, I am supposed to or at least had planned to go to another industry event. but my sniffy stuffed head needs a day at home drinking tea and resting up as i am working at Black Dog tonight, and can't afford any days off right now.

Tomorrow night i plan to head to DOXA again to see this film:

Wajd: Songs of Separation

Indolent Spinster Almost Daily Report #2 (From DOXA)

Hey there here is my second almost daily report from DOXA. recorded last night after the two documentaries i saw, and quite enjoyed...

Links below to the DOXA pages on the films, which include trailers for them, and both are playing a second time, so you can catch them at the festival.

Ethiopiques Revolt of the Soul

Dreaming Murakami

The Indolent Spinster Almost Daily Report #1 (from DOXA)

I am trying a new thing. As I have a pass to DOXA the documentary film festival that i worked at last year and the year before, as well as having been on the screening committee this year and last... I thought I would do what i failed to do last year which was make a video blog report as often as i could, talking about the films i see, and my experience of the festival.


here's the DOXA link. the film is playing again (and already sold out, but you can go early and get in the 'rush 'line) Tuesday the 8th

here's my kind of dopey after the film thoughts.

The Indolent Spinster weekly Report #12

Not so weekly as monthly lately, but I've been back working at the video store 5 daze a week, is my excuse, getting my artistic rhythm used to working and living within my means again, with no credit to back me up anymore. so far so good. Today I made a short film, and i feel the ideas creeping into my consciousness again. When i am stressed about money/life, my artistic outflow is more in the graphic design/drawing painting world. Once i start to feel safe again, with money, the words flow back slowly.

so anyway, here is my small take on the world right now. we do not give each other space to breathe. as simple as that. there are no good reasons. we just do unto each other, horrors. there are lots of reasons not to. and none that stand in the light with hate in heart. nope. put down your weapons, words, opinions, facts, fake news, and give each other space to breathe.

The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #11: Historically Inaccurate Psychedelic Dinosaur Rave

Only 2 moths late of my weekly schedule. stuff happens. anyway. I spent ages trying to figure out where to take my next blog, review movies, maybe, or talk about myself, and how I am liking being bankrupt, but no then i found this old public domain dino fight on Internet archive and I'm letting the historically inaccurate dinosaurs do all the talking for me. music by me, crowd scene blended in is also public domain.. ps that's only one of three dinosaur brawls in this educational short i found, so watch for more dino fighting as symbolical discussion of how i am feeling about things at the moment.