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“All My Empty Dresses: Memoir Of a Strawgirl” Is Live!

Field Notes In/On Transition
“All My Empty Dresses: Memoir Of a Strawgirl” Is Live!
So, if you have been following this blog, you know I was nervously preparing my Indiegogo campaign to raise some money to help me live while finish writing and editing my memoir. Well, as of Wednesday, June 24th, I am doing just that. The first day was really successful, and a nice trickle since. I don’t have a big publicity machine, nor am I going to hire one or any of the really sketchy looking companies that say they will magically reach 100,000 people if you give them a couple hundred bucks. Here's the link below, to my campaign. I made what I think is a fun dorky ‘pitch video.’ I have gotten tons of shares of my campaign as well as what I think is a decent start for someone with no fame to speak of, but lots of good friends.

All My Empty Dresses: Memoirs Of A Strawgirl
This was not easy for me to do, nor keep doing. I am so nervous about asking people to help me out. But I know that I am giving …

Kludging through life.

Field Notes In/On Transition
Kludging through life one clump at a time
I completely missed doing a transition blog post in May. I don’t think I have gone so long without posting something. I did do a few movie and comic book reviews on my media review blog. I guess I was constantly saying, ‘tomorrow’, or after this certain event happens, then i will have more to write about, etc, et al. All the things that I detailed as coming up, in my end of april entry, about getting my crowd funded memoir going have happened, except I haven’t quite launched yet. the budget is pretty much worked out, and I think pretty reasonable, even if it seems like a lot of money, it’s actually not.
One of the biggest upsides of self publishing in the 21st century and using the print on demand model is that you don’t have to do a humongous print run, and thus can save a lot of cash.You only print as many books as you need to fulfill the orders from the crowd funding perks. All my items for perks, are things I ca…