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Trying to dig my way out.

Field Notes In/On Transition.
How to get people to stop commenting on your blog? Make it really depressing.
For the last month or so, most of my blog posts (and facebook updates) have been very dark, self hating, depressing. The amount of people commenting, liking my links to the blog, or responding to my whinery on Facebook has dropped off sharply. No one wants to know about the (self made mostly) horrible parts of your life, that you feel you can’t do something, or have lost or don’t deserve some kind of entitlement. 
This has not been my intent, to drive folk away from me and my various first world troubles. But that has been the effect. Nobody likes a Debbie Downer, or a Negative Nancy, unless she has her own sit com. In most of my blog posts I feel like I have worked through what ever issue that was eating at me, through the act of writing about it and evaluating how I express myself through that prose. My last few posts though, I feel like I left out the “ahhh I learned something…

Hair removal and political ranting, what more could you ask for?

Field Notes In/On Transition
Oh Yeah, there’s more to it that slapping on some Pancake and Lippy
On Friday I went for (already paid for with a decent groupon, so it’s not cutting into my now lower paycheques) my first Laser Hair Removal of the facial hair variety. 
It hurts. Sometimes only a little, sometimes a lot, either way it’s rather a stressful place to be; under the laser beam. There may have been a bit of the electrolysis as well, on the eyebrows. That part worked out best after one treatment.
The eyebrows look good. The laser though seems to have woken up more follicles than it killed. In the couple of days since getting it done my face seems more stubbly around dinner time than before. I may have to start shaving twice a day, if I want to go out in the evening. I am more than hoping this is temporary. I don’t want to go through what was an exhausting experience on a regular basis if it’s going to make things more of a pain, and more embarrassing than my previous 5 o’clock sha…

May Day and Other Stigmata

Field Notes In/On Transition.
May Day and Other Stigmata
My life has been a-tumble recently, the video store game ain’t what it used to be. I’m having to work slightly shorter hours, which translates as a bit of a cut in pay: (maybe not so ironically the cut occurred on May Day!) Not that this was totally unexpected, either, I was the only staff who had yet to have hours cut. Still, it doesn’t help my life in any way, except as a reminder that this thing I have been doing to pay rent and keep myself in eyeliner the last 9 of 12 years is on like Siberian Tiger Level Extinction Watch.

I need to really start thinking hard and doing some concrete things to do yet another transition eventually. I really want to keep doing what I do now as long as It’s feasible, but then what? I had a tough couple of days with the whole pay cut thing, but after a great dinner, and drinks with my friend Leanne, I was feeling better. I woke Friday morning with a bit of TGIF! to be certain, but overall feeling g…