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Thoughts and Actions

Field Notes In/On Transition

 Thoughts and Actions

So far the 2013 summer months seem to have lead to less posting, perhaps, than the first few months of my transition. 
So I am trying to get some momentum going for some myself by posting with a few new pictures of myself in recent purchases, every day Josie wear. The First picture is my basic uniform, flattering top and my favourite skirt that I wear as often as anything I own, these sandals I got last summer from my favourite Postal carrier, Kimberly. They are my go to shoes all summer. 

Others come out when it rains or I’m going out on the town (which is almost never)but in the summer these sandals rock. This is how I look most days at work. I might be wearing a dress like you see in the other two photos. The one with the “O” pattern is “what it’s all about” as far as I’m concerned. It’s my new favourite dress.  I have some pretty new clothes, my first awesome purchases in a while. The one dress I might need to take in, but then I m…

Flux Capacitors, poetry and beyond!

Field Notes In/On Transition
This was my horoscope (the only one I pay any attention to at least): 

 I’m not really sure why, but it made me cry. I wish so much for some sort of benign guidance that I can trust. I have never felt I had that, ever. But the whole thing is always you have to do it all yourself. Others can do very little to help you if you won’t let them.  I really have a hard time accepting help, advice when it’s offered as such. If however I have a conversation with someone, on an equal, respectful footing, I always feel like I learned something, no matter how trivial the confab.
I think my Flux Capacitor is fully charged. I have no idea what this really means other than it’s a “Back to the Future” reference. I have been reading a lot of SF with time travel elements, lately.
But I think what I’m really saying is that I feel charged up, full even, but am at a loss for where in the heck I’m going. Roadmaps are useless to me really. Literally and metaphorically, I make pl…