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Long time no blog

Field Notes In/On Transition
Long Time No Blog
I’ve been trying to get together my thoughts to write an update for at least a month now.
The holiday season for me is like for many, usually kind of a low ebb season. But this year I made a point everyday to try and find some people to spend time with, to do things ( a lot of it was eating and drinking) with people and actually going out to events invited to, instead of staying home thinking and fretting about things, wishing that I was strong enough to participate.
It really made my holiday season great, having that mindset every day. The key was that every day I chose to go see some people, or follow up on open invites. A few days I stayed home and left off the makeup, and had some nice low stress solo time, listening to music (mostly for choir practice) binging some TV (Broad City), and playing some video games (Fallout New Vegas). I managed to get just the right staggering of socializing, and non-socializing that I started sleeping …