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Love & death (and some other stuff)

Field Notes In/On Transition.

Love & Death

The peace of mind I seemed to gain in December, going through the emotional turmoil of losing my free electrolysis/laser appointments (which I detailed in a previous post) is lost to me now. I’ve had a nagging cough/cold from the day I went back to work. It is okay now, with maybe one or two wee coughs in the day now, all the other cold symptoms are gone though. I feel reasonably healthy, at least physically. Psychically, emotionally, though I am kind of a wreck.
I really do not foresee my cost of living going down, or my income going up; but it kind of has to. The only place I want to live anywhere in the world is becoming too expensive for me. If I end up having to move I plan to dump my RRSP, penalties and all, pay off my line of credit, VISA, and start fresh in some freezing cold other part of Canada. Le Sigh. These fears for the future drag me down a lot. I understand that you can’t predict the future, but that doesn’t mean you can’t …

New Year, sorta like the old one.

Field Notes In/On Transition
New Year’s Jump?
I mentioned in my last post how I have worked a more regular (and more fulfilling than endless journalling, morning pages, which for a long time was the only writing I did daily, and of course on facebook, etc) writing practice. I have turned it into a crucial part of my day, usually, ideally, in the morning, after my breakfast, coffee, emails, etc, I sit down and write a (self imposed) minimum of 1000 words. 
I time it so I have a few minutes break after about halfway (lately I do this less though) and then can finish up the day’s ‘chapter’ with time to make a sandwich and get my mind off the story and ready for work. On days off, like my recent staycation, or weekends, sometimes it’s later in the day that I get going on the writing. But every day, except maybe two or three, since  Halloween I have sat down and got my characters into their next scene, day by day. 
This practice makes me feel good for a number of reasons, but mostly becau…