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My 4th Transiversary, and first video blog

Field Notes In/On Transition
My 4th Transiversary, and first video blog

(script/Transcript) ooh Transcript, I am co-opting that, is below with pictures. But pretty much also word for word in the video link above.
So My Transiversary is coming up soon. I mark the ‘official start date’ of my transition as March 21st 2012, as that’s when I both began both HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and started the expensive and labor intensive process of changing my name and gender where possible on my ID. So this is my 4th anniversary of starting Transition. Why does it feel so much longer than that? I guess because I spent my life since I was 25 coming out, almost starting transition, starting, stopping, until finally at 45 I started for keepsies. I turn 50 in September. 

Really though, I feel like my Transition started when I first realized what the heck it was that made me feel so differently than I was told I was supposed to, as a kid. My awareness that I could actually maybe change the gender I…