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Indolent spinster weekly report #10

Weekly Report of the tenth variety, short, sweet and a few weeks late. filming to the beat as much as cutting to the beat. Stars Missy the Kitty, and a couple of local crows who like to taunt her.

Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #9

Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #9

9 movies I can watch any time of day or night pretty much.

The Maltese Falcon
Midnight Run
Young Frankenstein
Raiders Of the Lost Ark
Citizen Kane
The Breakfast Club
His Girl Friday
Nights Of Cabiria

Lots of other films out there, but I wanted to do a list of nine, and these are literally the first 9 I thought of. The list is in no particular order. All of the films are obviously favourites, but if I was making a best of list as opposed to a most re-watchable, it would be different. some films require more time passing between viewings than others, in my opinion. I don’t even really like rating a film until i have seen it at least a few times over several years. Tastes and times change.

Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #8 ( a week late!)

Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #8

Here's my glib half asleep but maybe most natural sounding indolent spinster weekly report. I am most satisfied with my delivery or lack thereof, despite the soft subject matter, my recent difficulties with money and my plan, aside form landing more work if possible, to deal with my debts which are long since past my eyeballs.

Indolent spinster weekly report #7

Indolent Spinster weekly report #7

My Ten Favourite, as in most often watched and enjoyed, horror movies.  In the order in which I thought of them, They are all of about equal value as far as my experience and enjoyment of them runs.
Frankenstein & the Bride Of Frankenstein
I cannot separate these two films, and for decades only ever watched them together. Veryunlike the book.

Easily the best Ridley Scott film, more atmosphere and real scares than 100 other   films.

American Werewolf In London
is for me like The Breakfast Club of Horror movies, and pretty much the only decent werewolf movie ever.

So much art. more style in any 5 second clip than all the super hero movies you have ever seen. 
Fear No Evil
silliest most on my list, the most over the top and ridiculous, terrible... awesome.
The Shining
Still scares the bejeezuz outta me, atmosphere and creepy af, for me this movie has aged really well. i like it more now than ever.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
I dare you to watch this with…

Indolent spinster weekly Report #6

This week's Indolent spinster Report has been hijacked by a poem i wrote 23 years ago, inspired by the Late great gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, my friend Andrew Davidson, and a third writer, Hugh MacLennan, who you may also have heard of, who inspired me, andrew and Gord very much with his definition of Courage.

photo of Gord from CBC

COURAGE {for andrew, gord, & hugh.}
lonelier than never                  within  my neck     my throat       choke words             hard             suicidally so.
I am weary bleary and toothless.
In every mirror          I see hopeless                soft fat breath.   
And wetness.
Then      somehow thick white blood re:routes                   an                   other path into my chest    and the shit melts in   closely shaved rhythms                     or smiles                     songs slither    as delicate     as though    I had swallowed a rose.
My breath is filled               with words and fear                              and                            …

Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #5

Music Talk with your  Indolent Spinster,  Josie Boyce.
Thoughts towards a Trans Soundtrack for Generation X Trans Folk. 

This one is just thoughts in movie form about music, the 80's, gender and me. none of it is very deep. it's just the start of a conversation. I will dig deeper in further weekly reports! I thought about narrating it, but didn't like how i was rushing it, the pace is better just reading the text, and is more what this film wanted to be. I'm just the vessel. Sometimes the vessel speaks, sometimes it just texts.

As a kid I was embarrassed but secretly over the moon about any song, movie or tv show that referenced trans-ness, in however vague or concrete. The movies were completely horrifying or campy generally, with trans characters being murderers or prostitutes or mentally ill, some combo thereof... in TV land it was more men in dresses kind of humour. Either way you had to scour visual media  to find any ‘positive’ role models, I never fo…

Indolent Spinster #4 Batgrrl Vs. Wonder Woman.

My brief, glib review of Wonder woman, which i found hokey and disappointing for the most part.

So many missed opportunities to really show how different the world is/was from Paradise Island (now only called the more comic book-y Themiscryia) ... but the whole doe eyed innocent warrior thing got old fast. just say no to romance as a crutch. even unrequited. maybe especially unrequited.

Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #3!

Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #3!

This week....Things are moving along as I try and find income streams through work, art and life, and figure out how to make enough money to eke out a living without further massive debt, maybe even the ability to pay that debt down a bit. This seems reasonable to me. Had to take our kitty cat (who by the way has her own calendar for 2018 called “A Year of Missy The Cat”... see, right here. which you can buy at my etsy store. the address to which is scrolling along the bottom of the screen right now see.... (pointing) ) to the vet as she had been having vertigo and vomiting issues lately. Turns out she has hyperthyroid. Got her on some pills, more testing in a month, hopefully the pills are all the help she needs. She hasn’t had any symptoms since the vet, so. here’s hoping for her best recovery.

I can’t afford to spend a fortune on my own health, let alone a kitty in the mix, luckily my room mate has been very generous in covering and …

The Indolent Spinster Weekly #2 (new video blog, with transcript here on this page.)

Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report, Episode #2!

This week things have shifted seismically in Spinster-land, at least in my cozy cat hair matted corner of Spinster World.
I’m trying to keep these videos reasonably short, so let’s dive right in. I did not get into that self employment course. My debt load has overcome my current income. My credit payments were deemed to much for my budget whilst going to school despite my pretty good budget i gave them. giving me $1200 a month on ei actually would have rounded me up to being able to survive, with say the same average amount of freelance work/sales of art that I have been making. 
But well, that’s not happening, and I am tired of fussing and talking about it so instead, I’m gonna give you the promised preview of my new Zine, so similarly named as this video blog: The Indolent Spinster Quarterly. 
As you can see scanning the cover scrolling up the screen right now, I will have some Strawgirl stuff in there, some pictures of ca…

New Video Blog! The Indolent Spinster Weekly!

So I have started what is hopefully going to be a new weekly blog of the video variety, I will always post the transcript here, and eventually also caption them all too, but I've not done that before and need to figure it out. I don't want to  just have subtitles, but captions. i like having the whole transcript available, for those who don't want to or can't watch the videos.

here is the transcript and video!

Welcome to the very first edition of Indolent Spinster Weekly Report

Which as per usual i have spent three weeks procrastinating and trying to figure out what kind of narration to put over top of my fun backyard selfie video that you see as you hear these words. I have been trying to narrow down things to say in my new idea for weekly video blogs...

I almost want to just have wordless images of me with fun effects and transitions between b-roll and stock footage, that i cobbled together one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, thinking i would just record a minute o…

Troublemakers 2.0

I took part in this great program this summer called Troublemakers 2.0 and had a short film about me premiere at Out On Screen, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival..

Here is the link to all the films.

Here is just the film about me aptly called The Strawgirl

My Etsy Store is Live

hey folks I don't engage with often enough, at least in Blog form, my Etsy Store The Indolent Spinster

is Live now.

Big video blog update soon, I have been pretty busy, and things are a changing. Hopefully a video blog with transcript here on this blog by the ned of the week, early next week at the latest. watch this space.

Video Blog DOXA 2017

My response to see an almost 3 hour documentary about Chris Marker (Chris Marker, Never Explain, Never Complain) and two of Marker's great documentaries, Une Journée d’Andrei Arsenevitch (One Day In The Life Of Andrei Arsenevich) and, Le Souvenir d'un avenir (Remembrance of Things to Come)

All three films were awesome, and made me want to tak ephotos and video of the Q&A with the film makers of Never Explain... Then naturally it occurred to me, walking home seeing the poster from the end of this film, DO WHAT YOU LOVE. i did, i made a dorky little film. A documentary/ sure.

Boadicea & Me

A quick Video poem i whipped up over  the last couple of days, using Public Domain home movies from The Prelinger Archives, ( Music I made this afternoon on my ipad, and a Poem I wrote ages ago, about me and a gal i dated, when I told her I was trans she ghosted me , long before that term ever was a thing. no closure but the poem, and the video poem.

Fifth Transiversary Blog! it's a video (well, a slideshow mostly)

Field Notes In/On Transition
Fifth Transiversary Blog post. video blog
So here's a video blog post, text from the video is below if you don't enjoy my dulcet tones for some bizarre reason, or you are hearing impaired, or any other resason you might prefer to read the text rather than listen.
It's not exactly the video I wanted to make, but it's the one i made.

So five years in, my transition is at a bit of a crossroads. 2016 may have been a crappy year in many ways, but for me it was one of my best years recently, at least till that last week or so, where i ended up in the hospital.... The results of that illness at the end of 2016, have made 2017 a bit of a struggle so far, what i am showing you here in this video is a slideshow of some photos of me being me in 2016/early 2017, including: getting a great job at DOXA the documentary film festival, one last sold out show at the York theatre with my choir, The Femme City Choir. We are on ‘hiatus,’now, sadly.
I also did s…

Bird On A String

So hey blog readers

I had kind of a crappy Christmas, how about you?

A few days before xmas, we had a rare for Vancouver big snow and slush day. I trudged all over the city, as the busses were not up to the ice and the slush. I even went to my doctor and loaded up on my HRT drugs and my high blood pressure meds for the next few months, and talked about getting some blood work done as my BP was slightly high, the last couple of visits, and i kept forgetting to get the blood work done.

I also stopped along the way home and picked up some unsold artwork, and calendars that I has been selling at a pop up store craft sale over the solstice weekend. I made almost a hundred bucks on the calendars and postcards. On the way home I stopped and had a seasonal beer and lunch with a good friend. She bought a couple of calendars (still owes me 30$ on those, but no worries) and we caught up on our lives.

When I got home I was feeling pretty chipper about getting around all day without getting too s…