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Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #3!

Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #3!

This week....Things are moving along as I try and find income streams through work, art and life, and figure out how to make enough money to eke out a living without further massive debt, maybe even the ability to pay that debt down a bit. This seems reasonable to me. Had to take our kitty cat (who by the way has her own calendar for 2018 called “A Year of Missy The Cat”... see, right here. which you can buy at my etsy store. the address to which is scrolling along the bottom of the screen right now see.... (pointing) ) to the vet as she had been having vertigo and vomiting issues lately. Turns out she has hyperthyroid. Got her on some pills, more testing in a month, hopefully the pills are all the help she needs. She hasn’t had any symptoms since the vet, so. here’s hoping for her best recovery.

I can’t afford to spend a fortune on my own health, let alone a kitty in the mix, luckily my room mate has been very generous in covering and or splitting (lately more covering) the costs associated with our coparented kitty cat.

Which brings me to the real point of this particular weekly update. I want to acknowledge how much the folks i count as my friends, like my room mate, have really come through for me support wise, from actual money and food, to helping me find job leads, and sometimes jobs. And being there for me when i occasionally have a facebook meltdown, or real life meltdown. so much melting. why can’t we melt up? that would be cool, i need to have me a good melt up.

Seriously though, if this last year or so of health and personal crises has taught me anything, it’s that i have some pretty darned awesome friends. You know who you are!. Mwah, and stuff. awkward hugs from afar. (in real life, my hugs are pretty decent, afaik, i hope. ) I might be a bit stressed out about affording my life these days, but overall, despite the heath stuff, i am finding myself more and more content about the world around my immediate self. i am just as worried as anyone about the current eco-apocalypse we are staring into the eyes of, i include humanity in that ecology. it boggles my mind how casually horrible we are to folks who ain’t exactly like us, hell, even to those who are. I know everyday, from my interactions with my friends online and offline, that humanity is lovely and has your back.

But somehow, outside our circles, we pollute the world, the culture, everywhere we live, we destroy, and cause harm to the entire environment, from neighbours to countries, to cultures. This extremity of human interaction needs to rebalance and stop the death of ourselves, our world, and somehow  turn that love we share with friends and family, and use it with the world. Simplistic? yup.  It has worked for me, I tell ya what. I love myself, and i love my friends, my family, unconditionally, because, well, there is no such thing as ‘conditional’ love. Love is Love.


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