The Indolent Spinster Weekly #2 (new video blog, with transcript here on this page.)

Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report, Episode #2!

This week things have shifted seismically in Spinster-land, at least in my cozy cat hair matted corner of Spinster World.

I’m trying to keep these videos reasonably short, so let’s dive right in. I did not get into that self employment course. My debt load has overcome my current income. My credit payments were deemed to much for my budget whilst going to school despite my pretty good budget i gave them. giving me $1200 a month on ei actually would have rounded me up to being able to survive, with say the same average amount of freelance work/sales of art that I have been making. 

But well, that’s not happening, and I am tired of fussing and talking about it so instead, I’m gonna give you the promised preview of my new Zine, so similarly named as this video blog: The Indolent Spinster Quarterly. 

As you can see scanning the cover scrolling up the screen right now, I will have some Strawgirl stuff in there, some pictures of cats. I am a Spinster after all! some snarky glib horoscopes, some book covers and passages from some of the dozens of stories and novels i have never been abl e to finish writing over the last 30 years. an snarky glib advice column, and of course some of my favourite recipes, presented in graphic narrative form. (aka comics)

My ‘plan’ is to publish a however many pages i feel like publishing zine 4 times a year starting with Autumn 2017. I am hoping that as this weekly blog changes my pov in life, so it will inform my zine and vice versa. I am really just getting through by the skin of my teeth, maybe making this commitment even more difficult for someone who has a hard time ever finishing any artistic project. Of course the amount of work i get from here out, whether i go bankrupt or not also is obviously going to affect my artistic output and temperament, as well. 

But this is my true self doing what my true self does. this blog, my ranty facebook posts, all my art is my meditation, my practice. I’m like a ‘life-ist’ or something. my life is my church, my temple, my studio, my love. flakey? maybe. but also real. very real. outside work for other is done solely as a way to pay for the upkeep of the temple, otherwise known me, and my arts and letters.


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