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The Indolent Spinster weekly Report #12

Not so weekly as monthly lately, but I've been back working at the video store 5 daze a week, is my excuse, getting my artistic rhythm used to working and living within my means again, with no credit to back me up anymore. so far so good. Today I made a short film, and i feel the ideas creeping into my consciousness again. When i am stressed about money/life, my artistic outflow is more in the graphic design/drawing painting world. Once i start to feel safe again, with money, the words flow back slowly.

so anyway, here is my small take on the world right now. we do not give each other space to breathe. as simple as that. there are no good reasons. we just do unto each other, horrors. there are lots of reasons not to. and none that stand in the light with hate in heart. nope. put down your weapons, words, opinions, facts, fake news, and give each other space to breathe.

The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #11: Historically Inaccurate Psychedelic Dinosaur Rave

Only 2 moths late of my weekly schedule. stuff happens. anyway. I spent ages trying to figure out where to take my next blog, review movies, maybe, or talk about myself, and how I am liking being bankrupt, but no then i found this old public domain dino fight on Internet archive and I'm letting the historically inaccurate dinosaurs do all the talking for me. music by me, crowd scene blended in is also public domain.. ps that's only one of three dinosaur brawls in this educational short i found, so watch for more dino fighting as symbolical discussion of how i am feeling about things at the moment.