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Indolent Spinster #4 Batgrrl Vs. Wonder Woman.

My brief, glib review of Wonder woman, which i found hokey and disappointing for the most part.

So many missed opportunities to really show how different the world is/was from Paradise Island (now only called the more comic book-y Themiscryia) ... but the whole doe eyed innocent warrior thing got old fast. just say no to romance as a crutch. even unrequited. maybe especially unrequited.

Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #3!

Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report #3!

This week....Things are moving along as I try and find income streams through work, art and life, and figure out how to make enough money to eke out a living without further massive debt, maybe even the ability to pay that debt down a bit. This seems reasonable to me. Had to take our kitty cat (who by the way has her own calendar for 2018 called “A Year of Missy The Cat”... see, right here. which you can buy at my etsy store. the address to which is scrolling along the bottom of the screen right now see.... (pointing) ) to the vet as she had been having vertigo and vomiting issues lately. Turns out she has hyperthyroid. Got her on some pills, more testing in a month, hopefully the pills are all the help she needs. She hasn’t had any symptoms since the vet, so. here’s hoping for her best recovery.

I can’t afford to spend a fortune on my own health, let alone a kitty in the mix, luckily my room mate has been very generous in covering and …

The Indolent Spinster Weekly #2 (new video blog, with transcript here on this page.)

Welcome to The Indolent Spinster Weekly Report, Episode #2!

This week things have shifted seismically in Spinster-land, at least in my cozy cat hair matted corner of Spinster World.
I’m trying to keep these videos reasonably short, so let’s dive right in. I did not get into that self employment course. My debt load has overcome my current income. My credit payments were deemed to much for my budget whilst going to school despite my pretty good budget i gave them. giving me $1200 a month on ei actually would have rounded me up to being able to survive, with say the same average amount of freelance work/sales of art that I have been making. 
But well, that’s not happening, and I am tired of fussing and talking about it so instead, I’m gonna give you the promised preview of my new Zine, so similarly named as this video blog: The Indolent Spinster Quarterly. 
As you can see scanning the cover scrolling up the screen right now, I will have some Strawgirl stuff in there, some pictures of ca…