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Indolent spinster weekly Report #6

This week's Indolent spinster Report has been hijacked by a poem i wrote 23 years ago, inspired by the Late great gord Downie of the Tragically Hip, my friend Andrew Davidson, and a third writer, Hugh MacLennan, who you may also have heard of, who inspired me, andrew and Gord very much with his definition of Courage.

photo of Gord from CBC

COURAGE {for andrew, gord, & hugh.}

lonelier than never   
my neck 
   my throat
      choke words
            suicidally so.

I am weary bleary and toothless.

In every mirror
         I see hopeless
               soft fat breath.   

And wetness.

thick white blood re:routes
path into my chest   
and the shit melts
  closely shaved rhythms   
                 or smiles
                    songs slither   
as delicate 
   as though
   I had swallowed a rose.

My breath is filled 
             with words and fear 

I drink to others who are   
angels dancing amidst                                         
               the hatreds of   
                           my soul 
                           my body
and the secret ethers of my dream 
                           my song

: I can only sing in side my self.

© Josie Boyce 2017 selected from the book "The Wickedness of Flowers."


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