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Two video reports from DOXA2018

Been rushing around trying to fight off a cold. but i have seen a bunch of movies and a couple of panels. so here i talk about them in two videos, one of which has three parts and is much longer than my usual 2-3 minutes (at like 5 minutes)

Today, I am supposed to or at least had planned to go to another industry event. but my sniffy stuffed head needs a day at home drinking tea and resting up as i am working at Black Dog tonight, and can't afford any days off right now.

Tomorrow night i plan to head to DOXA again to see this film:

Wajd: Songs of Separation


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so anyway, here is my small take on the world right now. we do not give each other space to breathe. as simple as that. there are no good reasons. we just do unto each other, horrors. there are lots of reasons not to. and none that stand in the light with hate in heart. nope. put down your weapons, words, opinions, facts, fake news, and give each other space to breathe.