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Mystery Witch, The Case of the Haunted Stripper, what?

Hey there folks who still read blogs occasionally. I know I said I was going video blog, mostly. but here is a quick post to flog my new short story, the first in what I hope to be a year long series. Last year I wrote a short character backstory for a tabletop RPG that never materialized as an actual game. But I loved the character i came up with, and the short scene really nagged at me to be expanded. I came up with over the last year about a dozen or more ideas for this character, and her universe.

Her name is Moira D'Arc, and she's a Homicide Cop who finds comes into supernatural abilities at her 45th birthday party while a haunted male stripper is swinging his bits in her face. Then things get weird.

I hope to be able to sell a few copies of each story every month, building some readership, and eventually serializing all my unfinished novels, and more stories that come to me.

I am also selling some Strawgirl calendars, magnets and other artsy ephemera more and more in the coming weeks, and eventually full time, i hope. all creative all the time. Book design was by me, so if you are looking for some coverdesign let me know!


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